Is a women allowed to drive, if no plese give deatils?

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Q: I am a mother of three children. My husband is a traveller, and often he
is out of home for many days. In his absence, I experience the following
difficulties due to not being able to drive: i) Lift for my children going
and returning to school, ii) Going to the Doctor, iii) Purchasing basic
In view of the abovementioned and other similar difficulties, is it
permissible for me to drive?
A: In principle, a female should stay within the confines of her home. It is
not permissible for her to emerge from her home without dire need and
necessity and without observing Hijaab (Purdah).
In dire need and necessity (approved by the Shari’ah), it is permissible for
a female to drive within 88 km. with the following conditions: i) There is
no alternative, ii) There is no apparent fear of life/respect; and, iii)
Adhering to the laws of Hijaab. (Al-Ashbah Wannazaair pg.252; Idaratul Qur’
It is not permissible for a female to drive in the absence of any one of the
abovementioned conditions.
and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

for: Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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