1.)my self and my wife is cousin somebody is telling that she breastfedded with my mother when she was baby(less then two year)

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when i ask her mother and my mother weather its true or not they are telling some time they dont know or sometime they are telling she has not breastfedded or they are wanted telling me lie i dont know . 2.)what i have to belive, how can i find out. 3.)in case i have find out it is true (she feeded)what i have to do. 4.)now we are leaving married life from last two years and having one baby girl. what shall i do in this case . 5.)my dua and salaat and good deeds allah(swt) will accept or not . iam very much involve in dawath a tableegh 6.)shall i go really in deep to find what is true weather she drunk milk or not or belive it what parents telling(not feeded)- if they are telling lie then what will be our situation. please advice me iam very serious about this issue. note :- we love each other tomuch we both go in jamaat also.


Radhaa?at (fostering) is an extremely delicate issue and the repercussions which arise once it has been established could greatly affect the rights of a Muslim. It is for this reason that the Shari?ah has stipulated the testimony of two upright men or one man and two women in order to prove the validity of Radhaa?at. In your case there is only one person claiming that your mother breastfed your wife and your mother refutes this statement, as a result Radhaa?at has not been established due to insufficient proof. The statement made by the person who informed you, will not affect your marriage in any way. If the stipulated amount of witnesses is found, then it will be incumbent upon you to break off marriage ties with your wife. You have all the right to further investigate the matter. May Allah make you a true Daa?ee.
(Raddul Muhtaar, Vol. 4, Page 420. Badaai?us Sanaai?, Vol. 3, Page 415-416)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf


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