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Coming of Qiyamat – Sign

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My friends & I having a talk about Qiyamt when they told me that Qiyamat is coming soon. They told me that the signs of Qiyamat are obvious such as children would not respect their parents. The question that I want to ask you is that are there any signs of Qiyamat and if so what are they?
There are many signs of the Day of Judgment, and this is also one of them. Besides this, there are many other ones that the prophet peace be upon him mentioned. Primarily, there are three main categories of signs of the Day of Judgment.
1.)Ones that are much before the Day of Judgment.
2.)Ones that are very near the Day of Judgment. These are also called the major signs, such as the sun rising from the west, an animal coming out of the earth, and descending of prophet Isa peace be upon him from the heaven. These are all called the big signs. When these signs come the Day of Judgment would be very near.
3.)Ones that are in the middle of the first two. Under this category of signs would fall things like children not respecting their parents, consumption of alcohol becoming widespread etc…

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