Is it allowed for women to use kohl (surma) outside the house?

Salaamu?aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ! Dear sheikh, may Allah (swa) reward you for your work, ameen. I have a couple of question. 1) Is it allowed for women to use kohl (surma) outside the house? 2) If one believes in the declaration of faith, prays regularly, pays zakat out what Allah (swa) has given one, and fasts during the month of ramadan and intends to make hajj. And furthermore one strives (to the best of ones ability) in hope to attain the closeness of Allah (swa) then keeping this in mind will ones deeds be nullified if one does not grow his beard and will one be punished for not doing so? The reason for my asking is that I see many ?alims and scholars today who do not grow their beards and I presume (since they too have studied the quran and sunnah) that they are familiar with the sunnah of rasulallah regarding the beard. So why do they not let the beard grow? For instance Amr Khaled, may Allah reward him for his work, ameen. Jazakallahu khairan!


1} At the out set you should understand it is incorrect a women to exit her house except in dire need and necessity. Then to she should cover her self according to Shariah . When outside her home a woman should abstain from using anything that will attract strange men. Surmah is also used as a means of the beatification, Hence it is incorrect for her to use it when leaving the home. 2} there is unanimity on the beard being necessary. According to Shariah. a man who cuts his beard to lesser than a fist length is considered to be a Fasiq {open sinner}.We have been informed that nowadays strange interpretations are made in trying to make cutting the beard permissible. One should understand that to grow a beard is a Sunnah of all the Ambiyaa (alayhis salaam) such deviates who interpret the Quraan and Sunnah to suit their desires are not Ulama, rather they are the thieves of the peoples Imaan. People should be cautious of the so called scholars.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

for Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Checked and Approved: ML IMRAN VAWDA