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My question is if I make one wudu after coming to masjid, is it enuf for me to offer one full salaat with imam.(so that I can offer in first row).

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Iam a muslim male. I offer every prayer (5 times a day) in the masjid alhamdulillah. My problem is that I pass wind  almost whenever I make wudu and leave for the masjid. So everytime I renew the wudu after reaching the masjid. I feel that I lose the reward of going to masjid with wudu(one good deed and one bad deed forgiven with each step). And worst of all I miss the fazeelat of the first row of the masjid. Because even if I reach 10 minutes before Jamaa’t. I invariably break my wudu just before salaah starts and I have to rush back to make wudu and join salaah later. This is not must, but happens more than 50% of the time and even the rest of the time, I am so worried that after coming to the masjid, I sit in the back rows so that if i have to leave I can do so without disturbing many people.

My question is if I make one wudu after coming to masjid, is it enuf for me to offer one full salaat with imam.(so that I can offer in first row).

Another would be, if during salaat i break my wudu, do i compulsarily have to leave the prayer to make wudu. It would be very difficult for me to do that everytime because I fear i would be the laughing stock of my friends who are with me. This problem is psychological I guess as when iam out or playing I dont break wind as frequently.

I read similar questions on the forum where mufti sahab has said ” it may be your doubt that u passed wind”, for me its not a doubt, i dont hear or smell but Iam sure I broke it. Please guide me and help me offer salaat with a piece of mind. Medical help didn’t yield me results so Iam asking u if i come in the category of a mazur.

Also, wat do i do when iam reciting quran and break wind? leave and come back.?? again in public its embarassing for a person like me. but i will bear that if shariah doesnt give me any option.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

1. The rewards of performing wudu and going to the masjid are two separate rewards.  Therefore, if a person’s wudu breaks while going to the masjid, he will continue gaining rewards for going to the masjid.  It is reported that Rusulullah (Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) once said to the sahaba (Radiallahu Anhum);

“Shall I not inform you of something if done, your sins will be expiated and you will earn high stages (in jannah)”?  Sahaba (Radiallahu Anhum) replied; Certainly, O’ Messenger of Allah do inform us. Thereupon, Rusulullah (Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said; “It is to perform wudu properly at the time of difficulty, to take repeated footsteps to the Masjid and to wait for another salah after the completion of a salah”.

(Mirqat, Pg. 321-322. Vol.1. Maktaba Imdadiyya Multan)

2.  Apprehend this as a test from Allah Ta’ala and dispel the actions of those who may look down on you. Verily, the help of Allah Ta’ala is with the oppressed.  There is a great possibility that this is waswasa from shaitan [the rejected one] and not that your wudu breaks.  Many people experience this problem and it is very important to reject all such perceptions.  The perception that one broke his wudu by a mere feeling (that he passed wind) is not enough to judge that one wudu is broken.  Rather smell or sound should be the main factors of judgment.  However, if one is one hundred percent certain that he did pass wind then, to observe wudu would become obligatory. 

If a person has sufficient time to perform wudu and thereafter observe salat without his wudu breaking in the interim, he will not be classified as a mazur. For example; a person wudu continuously breaks from the time asr salat comes in (at 4:00 pm) and asr salat ends at 5:30pm.  If he finds sufficient time to observe wudu and perform salat anytime between 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, he will not be classified as a mazur.

( ولا يصير ) من ابتلي بناقض ( معذورا حتى يستوعبه العذر وقتا كاملا ليس فيه انقطاع ) لعذره ( بقدر الوضوء والصلاة ) فلو وجد لا يكون معذورا ( وهذا ) الاستيعاب الحقيقي بوجود العذر في جميع الوقت والاستيعاب الحكمي بالانقطاع القليل الذي لا يسع الطهارة والصلاة ( شرط ثبوته ) أي العذر ( وشرط دوامه ) أي العذر ( وجوده ) أي العذر ( في كل وقت بعد ذلك ) الاستيعاب الحقيقي أو الحكمي ( ولو ) كان وجوده ( مرة ) واحدة ليعلم بها بقاؤه ( وشرط انقطاعه وخروج صاحبه عن كونه معذورا خلو وقت كامل عنه ) بانقطاعه حقيقة فهذه الثلاث شروط الثبوت والدوام والانقطاع. (حا شية الطحطاوي . ص.150. دار الكتب العلمية.)

One may perform multiple salats with a single (one) wudu.  However, if ones wudu broke in salat, he must immediately terminate his salat, perform wudu and repeat his salat.  If ones wudu broke while praying in congregation, he should terminate his salat, perform wudu and quickly join the congregation, provided he did not speak to anyone in-between his wudu and rejoining the salat.

3.  An appropriated time should be stipulated for the recitation of Quran.  A time one knows he will be able to preserve his wudu.  If ones wudu breaks during this time, it will be obligatory to renew his wudu. 

And Allah knows best


Ml. Safraz Mohammed,
Student Darul Iftaa

Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah



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