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Are there any good books or cassettes on the authentic method of establishing Khilafah?

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I am from England and there is a group called Hizb-ut Tahrir who concentrate on the promoting the value for a khilfah. Their methodology is the usual leaflet distrbution/stall followed by talk. One of them told me that a Deobandi scholar from Indo-Pak had endorsed them at a conference in Peshawar as an authentic jamaat. What is your opinion on this group, this scholar’s endorsement and can you shed any light on any reference to the establishment of Khilafah in books or cassettes.


Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Allah has promised those who bring faith and do righteous deeds that he will make them Khalifas on earth and He will strengthen them their religion which Allah chose for them.’

The prescription for Khilafah is abundantly clear in this verse. Strength in Imaan and good deeds. Muslims throughout the world should strengthen their
faith in Allah and perform righteous deeds that will be a means of attracting people to Islam. Muslims have lost great empires due to weakness in faith and laxity in righteous deeds.

Any effort to establish running an Islamic country without the above two referred fundamentals is baseless and an exercise in futility. That is also
evident from the position of the many so-called ‘Islamic’ countries who have hopelessly failed in their responsibilities of promoting Islam from their positions of strength.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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