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The Almighty said that backbiters wont be forgiven even if they repent

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.i have backbited about my friend because i was provoked.she says shes a good muslim but has boyfriends,made me lie 2 her parents that she is going to a trip but went 2 meet her boyfriend for the weekend.shall i tell her 2 excuse me, butif ido, she will never talk 2 me.thats the onlyway Allah will forgive me.


You have raised two questions: a) backbiting, b) Friendship

Backbiting is prohibited and is a major sin. If the victim (backbited person) heard of him/her being backbited, then forgiveness should be sort from the victim. However, if the backbiting was due to reasons justifiable in Shari’ah, for example, to remove oppression from a husband or to reform a child, etc. then one will be excused for backbiting. In such a situation, the backbiting will be regarded as a valid complain and there is no need to seek forgiveness.

As regards the second point, friendship, Shari’ah has emphasised on staying in the company of pious people and abstaining from people with evil and immoral character. To befriend a person who visits boyfriends and requires you to speak lies for her is evil.

And Allah Taãla Knows Best.

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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