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Which Durud should be read 500 times to get help in marriage problems?

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AssalamuAlikum Mufti Sab, I have got a question to ask you. I like a girl very much and so does she. Recently that matter has been disclosed to our family. Her parents has shown signs of their interest upon me but my parents are showing resistence. According to my parents liking some one should never be the way of marriage. They believe that the bride needs to beautiful like anything irrespective of her mentality and the fact whether the couple is going to match with each other. I have seen my parents to quarrl their whole life and still they believe that mentality does not matter and quarrling is a normal phenomenon in a married life. The type of bride they look for is NOT absolutely the way I want my wife to be. I want her to be generous and respectful towards my feelings, thoughts , emotions and overall we two should be absolutely honest to each other. My parents are trying to compell me that such a marriage of your choice is something very sinful and it is not desired. I am trying my best to convince and also please you do pray for me. I am also praying to Allah to help me in this sake. I have seen that there is Durud to be read for 500 times for marriage difficulties. Could you please tell me what that durud is. Also please tell me if there is any type of prayer or Dua to pray to Allah so that my efforts in this regard becomes successful soon.


Your criterior of choosing a marriage partner is correct. Beauty is only
skin deep and temporary.

Compatibility in thought and ideology is conducive to a happy marriage life.
Make Du’aa, Allah bless you wish a beautiful girl who is compatible as well
to you, Aameen. You may recite any Durood you know.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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