She insists that she dont want to marry me as she will marry a person whom she loves – How can i propose or Marry this girl?

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Dear Imam Sir Assalamu-alai-kum I m in love with 1 girl.i first saw her 5 years back.We both know each other as we meet on couple of occasions.As i m against girlfriend and boyfriend relationship so i never came in front of her nor seen her nor she saw me from last 5 years.Now i want to marry her.So before asking her parents and my parents i thought that it would be nice to ask her. But she insists that she dont want to marry me as she will marry a person whome she loves.Please let me know what should i do. Should i tell my parents ? Or should i tell to her parents?Or is their any other solution.Please help me as i like and love her very much. Assalam alai kum


Marriage is a major step in life and you should exercise precaution in
choosing your marriage partner. You may probably love the person because of
her looks and appearance. That is only a superficial love, not real love.

Those looks and appearances are only temporary. It is irresponsible to make
a choice to marry a person based only on superficial love, especially, in
your case when the girl indicates she does not love you. How would you live
with a person who don’t love you? It is our advice you discuss with parents
your intention to marry and your inclination towards the girl and her
response. Mashwara should be made on making a formal approach or not. If the
response is negative, you should accept that and look elsewhere.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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