Want to know about the details of Qadha prayers? 1. What is the way of offering Qadha Salaat and Qadha Fasts?

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I am a Muslim guy from Kashmir, 22 years of age. Of late I have started offering prayers 5 times a day and started following Islam in the right mode. Now my question is have I to attend all Qadha prayers and keep all the Qadha fasts I have missed during these years. If one commits sincere Ta?uba does he still need to do so. 1. What is the way of offering Qadha Salaat and Qadha Fasts? 2. Have we to say Taqbeer after every Qadha prayer? 3. What is the exact age for starting prayers in case of both a boy and a girl? 4. How should a girl offer her Qadha prayers and fasts if she has also missed for a long time? Has she to delete the days of her periods?


1. Qadhaa Salaat and fasts are offered in the same way as Adaa Salaat and fast. The difference is in the niyyat, i.e. you specify you are performing Qadhaa Salaat and fast and you must also specify which Qadhaa is it, i.e. day, date when it was missed. An easy method for this is to always make niyyat of the first Qadhaa.

2. No

3. The age for a boy and girl is 14 years and 7 months, if they do experience nocturnal emissions before that time. (Shaami)

4. A female does not have to make Qadhaa for Salaat during her periods, but she has to make Qadhaa of the fast missed during her periods.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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