Who can become an Aamil ? Do they have to be specialized on something ?

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Who can become an Aamil ??? Do they have to be specialized on something ? Can’t everyone do the ruqya on others just by reciting those ayats ?


There are different types of Amals and Wazifas. Abu Hurayra [radhiallaahu anhu] narrates that Rasulullah [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam] said, ‘Whosoever read Haameem al-Mu’min to the words ilayhil maseer and Aayatul kursi in the morning, he is protected till the evening and whoever reads them in the evening will be protected with till the morning. There are many such Wazifas in the Ahaadith which anyone can read.

However, there are certain Amals which are very complex and deals with Jinns and black magic.

There are people who specialise in such issues. This is a special subject. It cannot be learnt from books alone. A person needs to learn this from an Amil. There are Aamils that deal with different matters. Compare this to medicine. A person can read from medical textbooks, but he will not be called a doctor. No one would put their lives in such a person’s hands t, to do so would be foolish. To become a doctor, a person has to go to a medical school. Even those people who go to medical school still have to serve their internship under experienced doctors.

Lawyers have to do their articles, advocates have to do their pupilage. In a medical textbook, a person who is a layman might find a cure. But it will be incorrect for him to administer. He will not know the strength of it or what dosage or whether this is suitable for a patient. Firstly, a correct diagnosis has to be made, then treatment is given by a qualified doctor.

An Aamil needs to diagnose the affected person, then he can treat the patient based on the requirements of his field.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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