Some brother said to me that there is some kufr in the book Ileau us sunan

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Some brother said to me that there is some kufr in the book Ileau us sunan he said:

” it states (in Ileau us Sunan) that it is recommended to take ghusl for the one who wants to become Muslim. This is kufr, because it is kufr to delay becoming muslim. I think it is a perversion, because in another place he states that delaying someone from becoming Musim by telling them to make their testimony in front of so and so instead, for example, is kufr.

In addition, as is well known, worship is not accepted by a non-Muslim, so what possible good does it do to take a bath before becoming Muslim? Like I said, I think it is a perversion, because the argumentation for this issue is senseless, and without any proof that even apparently supports that claim. I think there were several assistants involved in writing the book, and it is possible that this part was written by one and slipped by the author into the book.”


Your brother’s confusion stems from the wrong belief that a new Muslim becomes a Muslim only upon declaring the Shahaadah in front of people. Actually, once a person believes in the Oneness of Allah and other fundamental aspects of Islam from his heart, he is already a Muslim.

To confess and declare the Shahaadah is for others to regard him and treat him as a Muslim. Thus, when he takes a bath, it is an act of worship as he is already a Muslim by heart. That is also not causing delay to him bringing Imaan.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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