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Un-intentionally repeats those type of sentences to himself

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Doubts about divorce.

I needed some clarification in relation to answer to question 10700 (this was posted on your old askimam.com website).
When One is only thinking about issue of divorce and things that he has
read on different websites and during this process he sometimes repeats the questions (as
he saw on websites posted by other users) in his mind (to himself).
These sometimes have sentences that other users posted that mean divorce etc.
Now if he un-intentionally repeats those type of sentences to himself
while thinking about those questions etc BUT no voice (low or loud
voice) at all comes out of his mouth then will any of those
sentences constitute divorce? So his tongue may have moved within his
mouth (and at times his mouth/lips might be slightly open too) as he was
talking to himself in his head BUT no SPOKEN words came out with any
audible voice.
I am trying to make sure that by UTTERING it means words/sentences that
are spoken with some sort of voice and that can be heard and understood by a human as
you mentioned in question 10700. Mostly all this has happened due
to waswassah and i am trying my best to control these thoughts that
bother me from time to time. I never have any intention to divorce. Will any of above can cause divorce?


The mere thought of a divorce and reading about divorce does not constitute a divorce.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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