Is the work style of Harun Yahya permitted as they are using some Music in their movies and documentaries?

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as-salam-u-alaikum i wish to work with harunyahya and to translate their work in URDU language to spread in the public via CDs, Websites and others. I just want to know one thing, that they are using MUSIC in their movies that is HARAM in ISLAM as per rules i know yet. If i will work with them, is that allowed to do so or not? their work is to spread Creation of ALLAH in the universe and many as you are familiar with. their website is Please, answer me this question that, Are they (HarunYahya Team) getting SAWAB of their work? or getting GUNAH of HARAM (MUSIC) by spreading the WORK? simple, i repeat are they getting sAWAB or GUNAH? (becz they are using music).


There are 2 aspects to this query:

1. The work they do without music like, publications, etc. For this, they will be provided.

2. The work that involves music. Even though the work is for good cause, it is tainted with music, thus, rendering impermissible and sinful.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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