I just wanted to know what to do if mother has a girl in mind for marriage but I am more or less agreeing to ?

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Imam I would like to know what shall I do because I have found a pious wife but because of Traditions, my mother does not adhere me marrying from outside of family…Please help, I am in despair…


According to the Shari?ah, you have an independent right to choose your wife. However, you should understand the practical aspect of a marriage life is beyond mere principles. If you marry a woman of your choice but she does not get along with your mother, then that is a potentially troublesome marriage. That will defeat the purpose of the marriage which is peace and happiness.

You should consider the choice of your mother and make Istikhaara. if you have reservations then tell your mother that this is the outcome based on Divine guidance. Also make Istikhaara for the girl of your choice and do not enter into marriage without having exercised extreme precaution. That can have many negative consequences.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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