Please provide the Ahadith in which we are told to eat less, sleep less and talk less

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Also Mufti sahib, please explain that how will I know that I have eaten that much that is required and that I should not eat more according to our Prophet (SAW). And how much sleep is sufficient for a normal man with respect to the Hadith. Please interpret in detail the Hadith according to today’s life. Jazakullahu khairun.


There are two important issues related to your query; a) Mujaahadah (sacrifice), b) Health.

Shari?ah encourages us to make Mujaahadah within our means. Shari?ah also emphasise on the importance of maintaining good health. To eat less, sleep less, etc. are forms of Mujaahadah and a means of spiritual upliftment. However, Shari?ah being a religion that emphasises on I?etidaal and moderation, advises that in making Mujaahadah, one should not harm one’s health. In today’s times of general physical indisposition and weakness, it is advisable to eat healthy foods and sleep sufficiently well to enable oneself to make some Mujaahadah.

If one does not eat well or sleep well, he may not be able to fulfil his basic acts of Ibaadah and worship, thus, defeating the purpose of Mujaahadah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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