1. friends had sex in my car, how do i clean it(make it paak) 2. Will anything bad happen if i drive it before cleaning it properly?

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My so-called friends had sex in my car, i am not happy about it. It has leather seats, that i wiped off a few times with a wet cloth, i washed the car mats as well. Is there anything else i should to to ensure that my car is paak again. 2. i do not believe in Superstition, but was told it was bad luck to drive a car in which sex was had. Is there anything that could go wrong as a result of the car not being paak, and will i be napaak if i sit in the car? Jazakallah khair.


The car is paak if there is no impurity in it.

It is not bad luck to drive such a car. You did not state whether your friends are married or not. If they are unmarried, the relationship was adultery and your car should not be given to such people. You should also not have such friends. If the friends were married, then too it is against shame and modesty to have relationship in a car.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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