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Was I right to proceed with prayer even after passing wind?

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I often experience wind complications. Once I had a heavy bout of wind and it was difficult to maintain my wudhu’. It started from ‘Asar and carried on through ‘Isyak. I found myself constantly renewing my wudhu’ and it was difficult to complete one salat with purity. Pls advise. 2) And do we have to repeat salat performed as ma’zur?


We do not know what you mean by Isyak. According to the Shari?ah, if you pass wind so often that you are unable to make Wudhu and perform two Rakats Salaat, then you are a Ma?zur (excused person).

The ruling for a Ma?zur is the Wudhu will remain valid for an entire Salaat time. The recurring of the sickness through which one was declared a Ma?zur, for example, in your case passing wind will not invalidate the Wudhu. The Wudhu will have to be renewed only after the expiry of one Salaat time and/or upon the commencement of the next Salaat time.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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