Please can you advise why it is that only in FARD salaat the third/fourth rakaat you dont recite any surah from the quran?

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2) I was recently informed by a friend that you only recite Surah Iklyas(or any surah from the koran) in the first two rakaat of a FARD salaat and for the third/fourth rakaat surah fathiah is all you need to recite. I have always recited Surah Iklyas in my FARD salaat in the third/fourth rakaat as I was not aware of this. Please can you advise if my salaat will have been accepted? 3) I want to make up for the prayers I never used to pray, please can you advise if I only need to pray the fard for each salaat I ever missed. e.g Dhur salaat is 4 sunnat, 4 fard, 2 sunnat, 2 nafl, however do I only need to pray 4 fard of Dhur salaat when doing Qadhaa. I assume for Isha I need to also pray 3 Witr as well as 4 fard.


1. In the third and four Rakaat of Fardh Salaat, only Surah Faatiha should be read. However, if another Surah was read with Surah Faatiha, the Salaat will be complete. There is no need to repeat the Salaat. (Hidaaya vol.1 pg.148; Ilmiyah)

2. There is no Qadhaa for Sunnah and Nafl (optional) Salaats. Qadhaa will be made only for Fardh and Witr Salaats. (Ibid pg.155)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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