In zuhr and asr prayers can I recite the surah fatiha just to make myself concentrate on salah, bcoz in these 2 silent prayes I use to get my attention divided.

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I have heard that just to concentrate on salah you can pray surah fatiha. I just read it in the first 2 rakats. Am I doing the right thing, furthermore I wanna know about trimming of beard i’ve read in a book by (late) Mufti rasheed ahmed sahab (karachi) that the sunnah beard is 1 fist from all 3 sides ie you can’t cut your beard until and unless it is more than a fist length from 3 sides. In my case my daarhi is not a fist length yet from one side although i am having it for the last one and half year and Allhumdulilah i haven’t trimmed it yet. But my mother and others always says that your daarhi is getting out of shape from sides and you must trim it. Pls advice me that i can trim it from the sides or bcoz my darhi is curly that is the reason why sometimes it looks out of shape form sides. Pls reply me soon so that i can make them understand what is the sunnah method of trimming the beard. I have also heard that some ulema says that sunnah daarhi is 1 fist from the shin, not from the sides, pls elaborate on this as well.


It is not permissible for a Hanafi to read Surah Faatiha whilst following the Imaam. In order to build concentration in Salaat, you may think about it and recite it in your mind without any physical verbal utterance.

The beard can only be trimmed after it has exceeded the length of one full fist from all three sides.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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