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I have had three dreams about looking after babies

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I have had three dreams about taking care of a baby, I am an unmarried young female. In the dreams the babies are not mine, the 1st one the child has been left abandoned in my front room in my house and it is crying out aloud, the mother is no where and the child is not known to me yet I pick the baby up and hold it so it stops crying. My 2nd dream I cannot recall because it was some time ago but it was along the same lines where I am taking care of an unknown crying baby, my third dream was that I am looking after some one’s baby and I am round some else’s home, I don’t know who the mother is but the child is in my arms and I am taking care of it and feeding it. I am unaware of the gender of the children. Do they have any meaning? As of late I have suddenly taken an interest into wanting to take care of Orphans and start up a home for them inshallah where it is needed it and for mothers, this is a thought that has recently entered my mind and something I dream and would love to do inshallah. I was wondering now whether that was the reason I had those dreams about taking care of these children?


The dreams of taking care of babies may also mean taking care of others burdens.

Your interest in taking care of orphans support that interpretation of the dreams. May Allah Ta’ala grant you accept your noble intentions, Aameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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