Can you tell me a way to make my stress go away and a way that will make our parents both agree on us getting married with their blessing because i dont want to run away with this girl

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we both are stressing very much because we cant get married until we both have our degrees, she will most probably get hers before i do which is one problem, i find it difficult to study due to all the stress and what not and so is she, what shall we do? we have thought about running away together but i dont have enough money yet to support the both of us in the future, she has gone to Pakistan now and i am stressing so very much because we are always there with each other together, can you tell me a way to make my stress to go away and can you tell me a way that our parents will both agree on us getting married with our parents blessing because i dont want to run away with this girl coz of wot it might put our parents through but if we have to we will run away together. and can you and all of your other friends make a duaa for me and this person. People always say that if it was meant to be then would happen just like that, nothing will happen if we sit around and do nothing now will it, so that’s why I want to do some thing about it straight away. My father said to me you cant marry a Syed, I don’t understand because some people say they always say no in the beginning but they always agree to it in the end


We suggest you have a straightforward though polite conversation with your
parents and disclose what your intentions are. Perhaps there is some other
reason for them to object of which you are unaware.

Also, explain to them that instead of you two conversing and maintaining
Haraam contact with each other, they should rather give you their blessings
and allow you to marry her. Also, do not have any contact with her at the
moment as she is still Haraam for you before Nikah. Once your parents
oblige, get married as soon as possible without worrying about your degrees.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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