I am engaged with my cousin since last 3 years,i use to meet him in this era,what is the kafarah f previous meeting in islam after marriage,we had not gone through intercouse yet.

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my cousin and i come close but haven’t have intercourse yet,our parents r delaying our nikkah 4 more 6or 7 months,what will b the kafarah of it,will ALLAH bless us if we gave the kafarah,we have stronge beleif on ALLAH but still we r human beigs,sins come in our mind,what to do…plz guide us.


This is the reason Islam has ordered the laws of Hijaab. We are humans and
because of contact with the opposite sex, especially non-Mahrams, we get
into situations that lead us to sins.

It begins with a small sin and this leads on to bigger sins. Explain to your
cousin that there is a need to abstain from sins and to exercise Hijaab.
Situations can become worse and the Barkat of Allah Ta’ala can take us to
task whensoever he wishes. At the same time, advise parents in some
diplomatic way that the Nikah must not be delayed. It is advised that it
would be better to perform the Nikah and go to the husband’s house at a
later time. In the interim, you and your husband can live as husband and
wife but still stay with parents till all finances and houses facilities,
etc. are arranged.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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