Most of my relatives do not do purdah among each other. Should I attend any parties with such relatives. Is it needed to cut relations relations with such relatives?

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2)If any of my relatives are working at a bank, is it okay to not visit their house. 3)My says that she has been seeing our relatives (and vice versa) for such a long time; now purdah need not be done. Please help solve this problem. How does one manage relationship with one’s Maternal uncle’s wife as she is required to do purdah with me. How to do purdah and still maintain relationship with cousins (female) that are required to do purdah? Does requirement of doing purdah with a relative mean that one does not ever speak or visit their house? Please help by explaining. I understand that breaking relations are considered Haraam and great sin in Islam.


To maintain family ties is an order repeatedly mentioned in the Quran and
Ahadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). To severe family ties
a major sin.

You should apply wisdom and diplomacy with relatives who do not adhere to
the laws of Shariah, for example, do not maintain purdah or work at banks
etc. and reform them. Disassociating from them is not the solution to
such problems.

Was salaam

Mufti E Desai
Fatwa Dept.

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