Refuse non-Muslim(Hindu) friends that offer food(biscuits / sweets )? Am I creating the right impression of Muslims?

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When my non-Muslim friends offer me something to eat I ask if it is not ‘prayed food’, and that it does not contain any meat/ meat products / alcohol. (In this way, I have been able to discuss a part of Islam with them) I would rather refuse, but sometimes accept because I don’t want them to think of Islam as a snobbish / arrogant / rude faith. What is the correct response to them? For eg. tell them outright that I cannot eat food prepared by non-Muslims? (bad for dawah)


Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Call towards the path of your Lord with wisdom.’

In view of the abovementioned Aayat, when you are offered biscuits, etc. by
your non-Muslim friends, respond to them with kindness by thanking them. If
you feel they will be offended by refusing them and that will be an obstacle
for Da’wah, then it may be wise not to refuse them. It is also possible that
you humble yourself and refuse the offer, that may be more conducive to Da’
wah. Every situation may differ and you should apply your discretion to
determine what is best suited for the situation.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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