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salam I am in love with this guy for last 4 years. He doesn’t know that. We juzt talk once in a while, he doesn’t live in the same city as i do. He came in my dream last night so I want to knew what does my dream mean: He was at my house talking to my older brother, seems like he was my brother’s friend. He was helping my brother with garage cleaning but he was insulting me the whole time but not in a mean way, he was just teasing me. We also went to a beach or somewhere and he went with us too. Very next night, I had another dream, In that dream, he called me and told me that I am here in the same city as your so I want to see you, it was night time so I went to this place and waited for him for a while but he did not show up so I went back home then he called me and said i will be there in a while and I said I am sorry I can’t come any more and told him to come to my house but he said no he won’t but he still showed up to my house. He talked to my mom and brother for a while and barly talked to me and then I woke up. Please tell me what does this both dream means? Shukria.


The dream is a Shaytaani one. You should ignore the dream.

We also wish to inform you that any type of premarital relationship is
strictly prohibited. You should make Tawbah (repent) and immediately
terminate your relationship with the person.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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