Is it Halal to use rent of a shop selling Movies Videos and CDS?

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Three years ago, I booked three shops in under construction shopping centre and gave payments on monthly basis in installments. Unfortunately after construction many shops open at shopping centre are doing business of selling Movie Videos, songs and Film CDs. I do not to do this work and if I do any other type of business in this market then it will not run properly. I also do not want to sell these shops because I wait from three years for these shops. If I give these shops to any other person and he will do same work on it since I can’t put any condition for his business on my shops. I want to ask you that is rent of these shops Halal for me or not? If not then what is the solution of my problem?


It must be understood that sustenance is from Allah Ta’ala. Our sustenance is decreed by Allah and we will get only whatever is decreed for us. Allah Ta’ala has taken the responsibility of sustaining every single creation. Our shops, etc. are only a means. Allah creates effects in the means. As Muslims, we should adopt means that are permissible according to Sharia?ah and thereafter place our trust in Allah.

Movies, Videos, Film CD?s, etc, are Haraam. It is not permissible to hire a shop for the sale of movies, etc. We advise you discuss your difficulty with the owner of the building and seek a solution. You may inform us of the outcome for further advice.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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