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Parents not satisfied with my hajj trip

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I m currently working in Saudi since 3 years and I m very eager to perform the hajj pilgrimage this year. Last year I voluntarily commited to my parents by saying that insha allah this year(2002) I will arrange for their hajj program and unfortunately i could not able to arrange for my parents hajj this year due to financial problem as we have already some debts to pay and this will take 6 to 12 more months for the repayment. Due to this I told my parents to postpone their hajj program to the next year or next to nextyear’s hajj, at this my mother got angry on me very much but my father compromises with me. I asked their permission for my hajj and infact they gave their approval, but I can understand that my mother is not happywith my hajj, she is having a kind of envy to my hajj. How do I convince and make her happy on this issue. Can I proceed with my hajj without my mom’s satisfaction. Would my hajj be an acceptable one?


When the Hajj is a Fardh Hajj, nobody – not even the parents – has the right
to prevent one from proceeding to this sacred Ibaadat. Explain to your Mom,
your obligation to the Shari’ah is first and foremost. Be kind and
affectionate towards her.

You may proced for Hajj even without her satisfaction. However, if this is a
voluntary Hajj and not a Fardh Hajj, your parents permission should be
sought first.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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