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I did istekhaara, but unclear about sign

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I took the istekhaara and had a following dream. I saw that there’s a big gathering all of my aunts there. It was a big hall sort of looks like an airport because I saw many Airplanes were standing. Airplanes were there to give people a round in the air & bring back, so people were divided in group. I was walking here & there, I was happy in dream. I saw a man sitting & talking to someone & laughing so hard, and then I went & asked him. ?Do you think Amjad(a guy who proposed) is better for me?? He looked at me smiled then laughed so hard, and then all of a sudden he got serious, closed his eyes, until very long he was keep saying Mmmmmm!!!!! Then said, ?If he’s over 30 still would be fine.? He opened his eyes smiled & laughed so hard again & continued talking to the person he was talking before. Then it was my turn to take a ride in Airplane. My aunts started to straightening my dopatta & teasing me. I also saw my grandmother in a dream, who died 13 years before, sitting w/my mom’s friend (an old lady). I started to go to the Airplane then my grandmother & the old lady (mom’s friend) were praying for me. As I was going to the plane, one of my aunt called & said that ?you left your handbag; it has your make up things (lipstick etc). As I was going to the plane thinking that Amjad (the guy who proposed) is in that plane too, how I?m going to see him. I was nervous in dream. That was all. Is it positive or what?


There is nothing negative in your dream. You should
consult with your seniors (mashura) and if they advise
you to accept the proposal and you feel positive in
your heart then place your trust in Allah and the

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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