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Please interpret my dream….

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Assallam-wa-alakum. Can you please interpret my dream. I was in my neighborhood, going down the street, when i looked to me left i saw a big black dog, that looked at me. I knew it whould start to chase me so ran to my house. I saw my younger brother and my cousin who is the age of my younger brother looked at me and i think they noticed the dog chasing me, ran inside with me. when i was outside the entrence my house (my brother and my cousin were waiting at the door) when the dog was about the jump on me a man came out of the middle of know where and tackled the dog to the ground. the dog was over the man and picked it up by the mans thigh in its mouth and slamed it to the ground and started killing him. I watched for a second and immedatly went inside the house with by brother and my cousin who watching with me. When we entered the house they talked about how cool that was and i remember thinking that their crazy because i am very afarid of dogs. I went upstairs to my room almost naturally and sat infront of my computer. This was the most recent dream about this i had. I remeber having 2-3 diffrent dreams before in diffrent placied and diffent circumstances (i.e my brother and my cousing went alwase there)but every time a dog came and was about to attack me when a man came (i think it was the same man every time) and saved me. Please interpet it for me. Jazallah-khallah khairum


The dream in reference is a shaitaani one. It has no
significance. You should ignore the dream.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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