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“A dream about my unborn child”

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Salaam, Imam Sahab, I’m single male student. I had a dream about my unborn child several months ago. I saw that, I was hold my baby in my hand. Baby must be several months old because she was so little then I got in a car & some driver was driving the car. I could not see the driver’s face & the baby was in front passenger’s side seat & I was sitting behind. All of the sudden, driver started driving so fast & I was screaming & yelling at the driver that, slow down, my baby is sitting in the front & I was so scared & I woke up crying. I cried for several days after that dream but never figured out the dream. Please guide me on this dream, I would really appreciated! Jazakallah Khair!


The dream has no significance. It is a Shaitaani dream. The Shaitaan wish to
trouble you. After the dream, you should simply recite, LAA HOWLA WA LAA
QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH and ignore the dream.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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