I have two questions: praying before the prescribed timings, and mistakes done in the salaat.

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1. Is it permissible to read a prayer early, for example read fajr salaat 15 min early because of going to work? 2. If one performs a mistake during his/her salaat, what extra steps must we do in order to correct the salaat?


1. All Salaats have a commencing and ending time. In the case of Fajr Salaat, the commencing time is at Subh-e-Saadiq and ending is at sunrise. Performing Fajr Salat in between these times will make the Salaat valid. (Raddul Mukhtaar vol.1 pg.363)

2. There are three categories of errors in Salaat; a) Errors with regard to the Fardh of Salaat, b) Errors with regard to the Waajibs of Salaat, c) Errors with regards to the Sunnats of Salaat. If any of the errors are from category (a), the Salaat must be repeated. If an error occurs in category (b), then there are two situations, 1) If committed deliberately, the Salaat must be repeated, 2) If omitted erroneously, then Sajdah-e-Sahw will rectify the error. If the error occurs in category (c), then there is no need to repeat or perform Sajdah-e-Sahw. The Salat will be valid. However, the Sunnat is lost. (Tahtawi vol.1 pg.200)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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