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What to do if girls father wants marriage but not girl’s mum…

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a person wants to get married to his relative through legimate way without having an affair etc and the girl is happy and so is the boy and the boys family is happy too, but the girls mum & girls mums brothers is refusing for the excuse that the girl is a very nice girl and they want her infront of her eyes and dont want to seperate from her but the girls father is happy & wants it to happen. The girl wants the marriage to go through but is scared that the mothers blessings and dua will not be there in which case the marriage wont last so what should one do in this situation. I would be very grateful if you could reply. Wasalam


According to the Shari?ah, an adult female has an independent right to choose her marriage partner. It is advisable for her to take precaution before committing to marriage. She should make Istikhaara (seek divine guidance) and also make Mashwara (consult) with her seniors. Once she is sure, she should place her trust in Allah and proceed.

The mother should be advised that she should place her daughter’s interests above her interests. Let the daughter be happy wherever she is, even if she is married at a distant place. How would the mother feel if she is married nearby but is not happy? There is no reason for the mother and the other members of the family to withhold their blessings and keep their daughter as ?hostage? until she meets their ?demands?. That is un-Islamic.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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