1. when in mosque, after how many safs or how many meters/feet one can cross a person busy in salat.

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2. I have read about the qazah salat that one has to perform. I have also gone through the concept of sahib-e-nisab. Kindly consider my situation. Though salat was obligatory on me from roughly 15 years, but I started praying regularly from roughly 21 years of age. If I happenned to miss a salat, I used to offer qazah. But, if I have understood the concept correctly, I am required to make qazah of all of my salat which I have left from 15-21 years of age, and then proceed with my ada salat. but uptil then, many of my ada salat, will become qaza. If this understanding is incorrect, kindly inform what is then a sahib-e-nisaab supposed to do.


1. Q: What is the ruling of walking in the Musjid in front of a person performing Salaat?
A: If a person is performing Salaat in a big Musjid, it will be permissible for one to walk two or three rows in front of the person who is performing Salaat. If it is a small Musjid, then it will not be permissible to walk in front of the person who is performing Salaat. A big Musjid is, at least, 335 square meters or more. (Ahsanul Fataawa vol.3 pg.409; HM Saeed)

2. You will have to perform your Qadhaa Salaats along with your Adaa Salaats. You cannot suspend your Adaa Salaats until you perform your previously missed Salaats and make the present Salaats Qadhaa.

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Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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