Sunnath salaat or tahiyyatul-masjid, which I should pray if I have less time?

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I’m practicing hanafi and I hv the following doubts, 1. when I go for zuhar prayer to the Masjid it is 2 mins to starts Jamath. In 2 mins I can’t prayer 4 rakath of sunnath prayer. But I can pray 2 rakaths nafil prayer for sadakhatul-masjid. Now what should I do? Should I still pray 4 rakaths sunnath of Zohar or 2 rakaths nafil for sadakhatul-masjid? 2. One of my hindu friend is very fond of Islam and interested in reading Quran. Can I give him the Quran? If yes, what about wudu? becos he is hindu and he doesn’t know about ‘paaki’ (purity)? Allah Haffiz, A. Khalil Ahamed Munavary


1. If the time for Jamaat to commence is short and allows you to perform two Rakaats Tahiyyatul Masjid only, you may perform two Rakaats Tahiyyatul Masjid. You should perform the 4 Rakaats of Dhuhr Sunnah Salaat after the Fardh Salaat.

2. If a non-Muslim is sincerely interested in Islam and wants to read the translation and commentary of the Qur’aan, he/she should be advised to respect the Qur’aan by washing before touching the Qur’aan and keeping the Qur’aan with respect.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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