Job of putting out magazines and newspapers on shelf and working on the tills including sometimes films and cds, is income earned from such a place halaal or should I seek a new form of employment.

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I work in a shop where they sell newspapers, music Cd’s Hollywood films and magazines such as those mentioned in question 887 along with financial magazines and fitness magazines etc so there is a broad range of magazines but this shop also sells stationary(pens, pencils, paper,) and books both fiction and fact. I have the job of putting out the magazines and newspapers on the shelf and working on the tills where I take the payment and pack all items including sometimes films and cds, my question is that is, income earned from such a place halaal or should I seek a new form of employment. Another question concerning income. I f someone has worked in Britain for most of their life and paid taxes and then have to take early retirement due to medical reasons and therefore begin to receive benefits from the state is the money they receive halaal? Also I am wishing to take a year break from studies before I got to university and I was hoping I could find a place in a madrassah such as yours where I could learn about Islam for a period of six months in the year 2004 if this is possible please could you send me details and an alternate form of contact. I currently have an alim at my local mosque who is going to your madrassah next year he is going to become a Mufti.


1) In principle, pictures of animate objects is prohibited.We suggest you start looking for an alternate job. Until then, you will be excused if you have no other source of income.

2) If one has to retire early because of medical reasons and the govement is voluntarily offering assistance it is permissible to use the funds.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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