Can one hold the Quran while in Tarawih salat, looking and reading, (not aloud) the English equivalent?

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I can make out a very general theme of an ayah that is being recited but get SO MUCH more out of tarawih salat by reading the meaning while carefully listening to the Arabi being recited. If I don’t follow the meaning I get tired and cannot really concentrate because it’s hard to simply listen to words being said of which I do not understand. I have asked two sheikhs. One said you should not hold a Quran period, because when the Quran is being recited you should only listen. The other sheikh said it is okay to look at the Quran, but not repeat it aloud with the imam (as many people do) ? and that it is not okay to look at the English translation. Allah (swt) wants us to focus on the meaning of Quran al-Kareem I?m sure, and insha?Allah until I learn Arabic I?m assuming what I?m doing is okay. However, for peace of mind please answer my question. May Allah (swt) reward you


One may not hold the Qur’aan in Salaat as this involves excessive actions, which invalidates the Salaat.

Also, the act of reading is an act that itself renders the Salaat invalid, e.g. a person in Salaat read a poster on the wall, his Salaat becomes invalid. Go over the translation before the Taraweeh Salaat. The actual words of the Qur’aan are equally important as the meaning. Concentrate on the fact that these are the words of Allah Ta’ala, and one will develop better concentration.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda

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