A man has issued 3rd talaaq to his wife. What has to be done if they want to re-marry?

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Assalaamu alaykum, Respected brother. A man has issued 3 talaaq’s against his wife and they were thus divorced and stayed separately. Some time has now passed and the man, realising his mistake, now wishes to re-marry the same woman. Can they re-marry? What are the prerequisites (if any) before they can do so? May Allah have Mercy on all Believers and bestow His Blessings on all involved in this service you are rendering,


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Mufti Ebrahim Desai

The only way that you may possibly go back to your ex-husband is through Halaalah. This is when your Iddat of divorce – waiting period ? (which is 3 menstrual periods if you experience menses or three months if you do not experience menses or till birth if you are conceived) is completed from the first marriage, you may get married to another person and consummate the marriage. The second husband then issues you a Talaaq voluntarily. Thereafter, you sit in Iddat. After the Iddat, you may remarry the first husband.

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