Question about Yazid ibn Sayyidina Mu’awiya. I read somewhere that Hanafis recommend cursing him.

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Hussain Sayf Ahmed claims that Hanafis, especially the Deobandi Scholar Abdul Haqq Dahlawi recommends Muslims to curse Yazid. By cursing he claims that it will make us pure sunnis. But doing little research on the web, I have found that even the Barelwis reject cursing Yazid. see the urls: 1. 2.[email protected]/msg03001.html 3.[email protected]/msg02906.html 4. Imam Ghazzali said, “THE ISLAMIC FAITH OF YAZID IS PROVED WITHOUT ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT. AS REGARDS THE MURDER OF HUSSAIN, THERE IS NO DEFINITE EVIDENCE THAT YAZID EITHER KILLED HIM OR ISSUED ORDERS FOR HIS KILLING OR APPROVED ANY SUCH PLANS. WHEN NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVED IN THIS REGARD, HOW WOULD IT BE LAWFUL TO CAST DOUBTS AND ASPERSIONS ON YAZID WHEN ENTERTAINING SUSPICION ABOUT A MUSLIM IS UNLAWFUL IN ISLAM.” IMAM GHAZZALI REITERATES: “ANYONE WHO THINKS THAT YAZID ORDERED THE KILLING OF HUSSAIN OR LIKED THE KILLING OF HUSSAIN SUCH A PERSON IS ABSOLUTELY FOOL …”


Those that claim that Hanafis recommend cursing Yazid should substantiate their claim with authentic references.

If they cannot do that, then their claim is baseless. After all, what will be achieved by cursing Yazid even if it is proved that he committed wrong. We will not be questioned about Yazids actions on the day of Qiyaamat. Instead, if we blindly follow the propaganda against Hadhrat Mu?awiya and his son, Yazid, without researching the matter, we will be sinful and punished. Is it even logical to curse anyone for that matter based on historical factors which is obviously not certain and authentic?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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