Assalaamu-Alaikum, is it permissible for a female to cover her hair with a scarf but tie the scarf at the back ? i.e. her neck is visible.

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Q: A woman covers her head with a white see-through scarf. Is the requirement for Hijaab fulfilled by covering her hair with such a scarf?

A: Allah Ta’ala says, ‘They (females) should not make apparent their adornment.’ (Nur 30).

The word, ‘adornment’ refers to ‘places of adornment, e.g. hair, ears, neck, etc.’ (Ma’riful Qur’aan vol.6 pg.384; Darul Kutub). Allaamah ibn Katheer (RA) has expressly included ‘Dhawaaib’ (locks of hair) under the wordadornment. (Ibn Katheer vol.3 pg.294; Darul Ma’rif). In view of the above, it is imperative that the hair must not be seen at all. Wearing a thin scarf wherein the hair, being an area of adornment, is exposed is contrary to the above mentioned order of Allah Ta’ala.

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