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Why am i not married at age 23?

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I have rejected many good proposals as i did not like the boys, my mother always says that because i do this so often i may end up being old and alone. I don’t know why i dont like any boy. Please explain if possible.


Allah Ta’ala has already preordained the events and happenings in a persons
life. In regard to your time of marriage, that too has been preordained,
therefore one should not become despondent and loose hope in the mercy of
Allah. You need to take assessment of yourself, and ask yourself what
qualities you are looking for in a prospective husband as “you have regected
many good proposals” (in your words). If you had rejected these proposals
because the boys were not Islamically inclined, then you were correct in
declining their offer, if for any worldly reason you had declined, then your
delay in marriage is a doing of your own. Always perform Salaatul
Istikhaarah prior to accepting or rejecting a marriage proposal. May Allah
Ta’ala grant you and all the Muslim maidens suitable pious husbands. Ameen

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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