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Please explain the meaning of my dream

I dreamed that I returned to ancient Arabia at the date of the crusification of the prophet Issa ( I know he wasn?t crucified by the mercy of Allah). He was in prison underground. In the prison there were a window where you could see from the window another building on the top of that building was a lady. She was looking on him with a sort of satanic regard. I was allowed to go to his cell and talk to him. I recall seeing a watch indicating 6:00 pm . I told my self the crusification is in 3 hours. During this all three hours I was in the cell with the beloved prophet trying to find a solution to escape. It was then 8:45 and I looked out the window and the lady was still there and I was getting very afraid. Five minutes after I looked out side the lady was gone. I then told myself that this is the right moment to escape. I forced my way through the bared window and the prophet followed me. The Roman soldiers started looking for us and then we went to hide between houses. Then a man riding a horse came and asked me whom I am. I told him my name and I told him that I am the follower of the prophet Muhammad (atbai Muhammand (pbuh) ) and that he would come later. I also told him please don’t tell the roman soldiers where we are. He then replied: If you leave Islam I will not tell. I replied: you can ask me anything accept this, will not leave Islam. At that moment the prophet started to disappear.


The dream is a reflection of your strength of Imaan.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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