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Mufti sahib can you explain this dream i had ,while in jamaat

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during my 4 mths in jamaat,i had a dream where me and my saathi were in a big markaz in the mountains,in this dream we arrived unloaded our luggage and locked it up,then we had to go down an escalator,and the bottom of this escalator was a security gaurd,me and this brother gave him dawa and tashkeeled him,then as we went further inside,there were ak47’s being shipped in by crates with a metal plate on top of the crates,then we sat down with to eat with some very pious person and two children,and this person asked us to read surah iza ja a nasrullah.so i recited it ,the first ayah i recited proper ,on the second one the man said to me “you are reciting in the past tense,dont say it in the past tense”and then these children recited the surah ,and they recited perfectly ,the best i ever heard .what does this dream mean?


The dream indicates that when one sacrifices in the path of Allah Ta’ala,
His (Allah’s) help is certain to come.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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