I have received gold jewelry as gifts from my husband & mum-in-law. Some is for my children when they grow up. I do not work and have no income.Do I have to pay Zakaat?

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My daughter is 12, and an adult. Must she pay zakaat? I have heard that if you have gold jewlry according to your social satus, you dont pay zakaat. True?


Your question is ambiguous. There is no clarity whether the jewellery has
been given to the children or not.

However, if the jewellery is still yours, then Zakaat is necessary on it if
your assets reach the Nisaab amount. A person will not be excused from
Zakaat to the extent that if a person has no cash then the jewellery has to
be sold. If the jewellery reaches Nisaab amount, was given over to the
children who are mature, and it was in their possession for one whole year,
then Zakaa will be obligatory on them.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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