I work as a waiter for a Muslim who sells indian food as well as alcohol.If I stay away from selling those alcohol, would the money i get from that place be Halaal or Haraam? Thank you Imam Sahib.

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The guy who owns that resturant is like a big brother to me. He needs me to work for him there, as he trusts me and believes in me. But I am confused if I can still work for him, promising that i shall stay away from the alcoholic items?


Almighty Allah says, And do not assist in sin. Alcohol is prohibited and the
sales of it will be regarded as assisting in sin. You should advise your
muslim brother not to sell alcohol as that is prohibited and he will be
deprived of barakat and blessing in his income. However, if he does not
adhere to your brotherly advise then you should seek an alternate employment.
If that is not possible and you have to support yourself and your dependants
then you will be excused for working there until you have an adequate

Mufti E. Desai

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