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The Indians are killing innocent Muslims in Indian ruled Kashmir.

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

So why isnt the West speaking up now. Are they scared fo India,a country,whose mass population of muslims are situated in kashmir but the rest is only 11% of Muslims. I have investigated into these claims made by my friends relatives who live there,i’ve read Asian newspapers which spaeks for everyone regardless of religion,but the news and propaganda on TV does not shed light on the atrocities being committed by the Indian army.How can we muslims just sit back and not do anything. Pakistan is trying but they are being labelled as terrorists and intruders but they only want to stop the mass killings. India,a very haughty and proud country always praises itself but to such an extent that people believe that its truely a beautiful country,but the true factors are hidden exploitation of atorcities committed on innocent people.It needs to come out,it needs to be reported,something has to be done sooner or later so why are’nt the molvis in other parts fo India speaking up?Why is this happening.Muslims being tortured all over the world come to light but what about those innocent victims in India,why isn’t anyone saying anything about them?


As Muslims, it is our religious duty to support the cause of the Kashmiri
people and condone the atrocities committed by the Indian army.

Was salaam

Mufti E Desai
Fatwa Dept.

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