Is Wudu Needed to Read the Qur’an on the Computer?

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Is Wudu Needed to Read the Qur’an on the Computer?

By Ml. Imraan Vawda

Q.) I understand that it’s compulsory to do wudu for touching the Qur’an but is it necessary to do so while reading as well – even on the computer? Also can I read the Qur’an on the computer during the menstrual days – as I am not physically touching it? [S. Khan]

A.) If a person is reciting the Qur’an from the computer, and one is not touching the screen, then wudu is not necessary. It would however be better to be in a state of wudu.

During menses, a woman may not recite the Qur’an, even though she is not touching it. The same applies to the computer.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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