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When it comes to marriage he says i will have to wait for him b’coz he has to fulfill his family needs first, he never gives me a definite answer please tell me should i have to wait for him or not

Iv wronged a muslim but was unaware I was wronging him because I felt as if I was getting in the way of this muslim’s life, however the middleman in this caused some misconceptions between us.

I dont get along with my father,I speak loudly to him now a days when his temper is high,He don’t get along with my mother too… what should I do to be in control?

I am a Muslim and I helped an Indian Intelligence Agency in thier operations, and I was made to think that the India Government truly is honest to muslims and respects them a lot

Please explain the asbabun nuzul of ayat19-20 surat Taubah, as well as verse 41

I had committed fornication in the past and i have repented from that sin. My question is that do i have to marry a girl who also committed fornication in the past

Would assigning a Project of a Bank to a Muslim subordinate be permissible ?

Regarding my dreams…

If a woman had an abortion what can she do to atone for this major sin?

If a man had Anal Sex with her wife so what is the order for them now?

Please help me in this matter. We had taken intrest loan and want to come out of it asap.and asking for repentance

Dear Mufti saab. some confusion about tawbah

Please interpret these dreams my mom had.

I find it hard to distinguish between sins that are forgiven by making sincere tawbah, and sins that have be to be forgiven by the wronged person.

Can a person, who doesn’t have a beard, do tawbah for apostasy?