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Is it okay to perform wudoo naked and ghusl naked is it accepted or must one be covered. Replacing the jummah prayer with other is it okay,what happens if you miss three jummahs

Imam in need of ghusl leads prayer, what should he do? Does wudhu break when touching a cat?

Not sure if my sins are forgiven…used to masturbate and i quit. i asked for forgiveness many times but not sure that its accepted because of the ruling of taubah, sincere regret and intention

If a man drinks her wife milk , knowing that it is haram, what is the punishment, how it effects Nikkah

1.too much wet dream is driving me mad to masturbation 2. are muslim brothers allowed to chat/phone muslim sisters on mobile?

I have been able to stop masturbating for a while after your question and recently i accidently did it

Does masturbating to pictures or movies on the internet while married, invalidate nikah?

How do I know if me and my husband are still married or if it is best for us to divorce?

Ive a flat which I have rented out As it has a mortgage,should I sell the flat at a loss.My father wants me to put a property of his in my name so it would save him money to clear hisI take on this

Could you kindly explain what salaat al-tawbah is and how it is performed?

Want to repent all sins but even wasting time is sin right? if i study and i watch tv for 15 mins and don’t do study well enough isnt that also sin? Repenting is hard for me. please advice

People have stopped going to khankah and many don’t have the knowledge of tasawwuf, plz prescribe some methods that this interest can be brought in ummah

Why in the 9th Sura, Sura A – Touba does it not start with Bismi Allah Hir…..

Someone asks you for forgiveness for hurting you, but because of the intensity of the pain they have caused, you cannot forgive them…Does that then turn the tables and make you the bad one ?

I was labelled a Faasiq because I donot wear “Sunnat” beard or dress according to the “Sunnat” (wearing of a Qurta). Please comment.