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I have approached the bank and explained that I want to buy a house with a loan from them that complies with Islamic Law and Principles.

Is there a specific theme on which a person should direct his or her utmost attention to when praying namaaz?

Can we offer Salatu-Tasbih with Jamat, it is common nowadays in pakistan?

In our local masjid we were told by someone that salaat-ul-tasbih is bidat. The reason they gave was “How can you keep count of the amount of times you have read the third kalimah?”

Are we allowed to make dua in any language in sajda after the tasbih in our salaah?

Is there a dua or tasbih for success in exams?

In my mosque, the muezzin gives command after prayer when to say subhanallah, alhamdulillah and so on. And it is done after sunnah prayer. Is that practice OK? Also, many times they do it so fast that they finish with subhanallah or alhamdulillah and I did only half of it. So, I started to do dhikr after fard prayer by myself and it looks that they don’t like what I am doing. Please, advise me, can I do dhikr after fard prayer on my own, since I want to do it slowly and with the presence of the heart.